What is polypropylene plastic chair?

Not only about plastic chair furniture, you may have heard about the classification of chair materials made from plastic, and the preference to choose polypropylene (PP) plastic for the production of plastic chairs. So let’s find out what is polypropylene (PP) chair material!

PP plastic is an acronym for Polypropylene which is a polymer with high mechanical strength.

Identification characteristics of polypropylene (PP) plastic are transparent white, colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic plastic products. However, they can be mixed with coloring particles to create more eye-catching finished products for consumption. So chairs made of polypropylene (PP) can come in many different colors

Why is polypropylene plastic chair so durable?
Why is polypropylene plastic chair so durable?

Products from polypropylene (PP) plastic chairs have good surface gloss, with waterproof and air permeability, are not easily oxidized or affected by other gases, steam or grease… are used. common in people’s daily life.

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Among the common types of plastic chairs, polypropylene (PP) plastic chairs have the highest heat resistance, ie high heat resistance, with a temperature limit of up to 130 – 170 degrees Celsius. Through this temperature limit, polypropylene plastic chairs ( PP) will melt or cause fire when burned, when burned they smell like latex, with the flame forming a blue, plastic flow.

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What are the advantages of polypropylene (PP) plastic chairs?

Polypropylene plastic chairs are very durable and capable of withstanding force without bending, breaking, breaking or deforming in any way. This is an important attribute for any material used to manufacture a chair. It is a pigmented thermoplastic, which means that the color is not just deep on the surface. Light weight allows easy carrying/moving of the chair. This design can be stacked very easily and stored in a minimal space. This type of chair requires no maintenance.

How is Polypropylene plastic chair manufactured?

This type of chair is manufactured using the technology of pressing the frame. This manufacturing process has the advantage that the production cost per chair is quite low. Initial framing costs are high because expensive equipment is needed. The development and proficient production of dyes was (in the past) an expensive task. However, if thousands of these chairs are produced, each chair is relatively cheap and each chair is of equal quality.

Ghế nhựa Polypropylene được sản xuất như thế nào?


Why is Polypropylene Plastic Chair a best choice for customers?

Before we talk about the steps involved in purchasing a chair made of polypropylene, let us help you break down the misconception about how bad polypropylene chairs are for you by stating a number of practical and reasonable reasons. Let’s start with a few undeniable advantages of plastic chairs over chairs made of other materials


You know it’s true! Polypropylene plastic chairs are a pretty relief over your age! When compared to wooden or metal chairs, Polypropylene chairs are much cheaper. However, the low price is not proof of the quality of these chairs in any way. These chairs are often manufactured to scale and have lower production costs. If you choose to redecorate your entire home, you can choose high-quality plastic chairs at an economical price that won’t break.


Plastic is known for its durability. It not only lasts forever but also looks as good as new for the longest time if it is well maintained. Polypropylene resin is a naturally inert material. It usually does not react to external factors and changes in weather. So it has a pretty long lifespan.

Versatile design

Plastic is a very flexible and malleable material. It can be molded and shaped into a variety of structures. Therefore, it is also quite flexible. The modern plastic chair has a unique design to cater to a wide audience that wants stylish and contemporary furniture at an affordable price.

Harmoor chairs are modern looking plastic chairs that look stylish and trendy.

Many colors

Compared with other chair materials, polypropylene plastic chairs often come in many colors. They can be made in any color under the sun. Vibrant colors add a great touch to the design and bring that pop of color to your Decor.


These chairs promise three functions in one: function, aesthetics and comfort. Despite their style, plastic chairs are super comfortable, convenient, and possibly the best choice for your back and posture. These are much better than upholstered seats and high cushions!

Light weight and portable

These are the lightest chairs available. Wooden or metal chairs can become extremely heavy.

As a result, these heavy chairs become very difficult to move when compared to light plastic chairs. You can move around the plastic armchair very quickly. They can also be easily stacked, which further increases their mobility.

Weather resistant

Polypropylene plastic chair is an affordable material. It does not corrode easily unless exposed to strong acids. Rain, humidity or any other external agents will not significantly affect your plastic chair.


If you buy a set of plastic chairs for your home, their aesthetic can match your dining room, living room or even your porch. They pair well with any decor! You can use the same chair during work hours and relax during tea time.

Environmental friendliness

Plastic has a rather infamous reputation. When we hear about global warming or pollution, we immediately think of plastic. That’s true to an extent, but not in the case of plastic furniture. The plastic armchairs you find on the market today are almost 100% recyclable.

Therefore, they are much more environmentally friendly and sustainable than wooden furniture. To build a wooden chair, it is necessary to cut many trees! Imagine this happening on a massive scale! If you care about the environment, you should consider plastic armchairs.

No need for repair or maintenance

Wood or metal chairs lose their luster, shine, and continue to corrode. You need to maintain them regularly to stay beautiful. You need to polish or repaint them quite often. With plastic, you can say goodbye to these problems forever! Plastics require very little maintenance and can last for decades without a single bit of attention.

How are plastic chairs made?

After learning about the characteristics of plastic chairs, you may wonder how plastic chairs are manufactured? There are three main ways to make a plastic chair. These methods are similar because they all use molds. However, the complexity and technology used for these Chairs are quite different.

Rotary casting

The first step in this process is rotational molding. In the rotary die, a large metal mold is injected with polymer resin. Then the plastic polymer is subjected to high temperature. The mold is rotated in all directions so that the plastic polymer can acquire the shape of the mold. Through this method, it is possible to create hollow chairs or chair parts.

Injection molding

In this method, the plastic polymer is preheated to boiling point and injected directly into the metal mold. The plastic is then allowed to cool. The resin must be injected very slowly to avoid the plastic having a non-uniform shape. This method also does not require any rotation. The end result is a monolithic plastic chair.

Air injection molding

This molding method is similar to standard injection molding. But this method mainly uses gas. Gas is introduced inside the mold and it is rotated at high speed. This action pushes the molten plastic to certain parts of the mold to give the chair the desired shape. This technique creates a plastic chair that has a combination of hollow and solid parts.