Coffee chair supplier

Along with the explosive development of the world economy in the 21st century has led to the development of the entertainment and catering industries, which have made great progress, especially coffee-based beverages. This led to the rapid development of the industry of manufacturing household items such as tables and chairs to serve coffee.

Coffee chair supplier

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a coffee chair supplier with a variety of coffee chair models for customers to choose from. We export coffee chair products to all countries in the world.

Criteria to evaluate quality coffee chair suppliers?

Currently, there are many models of coffee shop tables and chairs with extremely diverse designs and designs. Choosing this product line is not easy for most business owners or restaurant owners. The best way to solve this problem is to choose a reputable coffee chair supplier. Here are the criteria to evaluate a reputable coffee chair supplier for you.

1. Product quality

Product quality is always the first criterion in choosing a coffee chair supplier. With good product quality, the product use time and the possibility of product damage during the production process will be minimized.

A reputable coffee chair supplier will give consumers the best quality product sets, commensurate with the money that customers spend. You should choose establishments that provide high-class coffee tables and chairs, meeting European quality standards instead of cheap products with extremely poor quality.

Harmoor Furniture with the production process and interior standards from Italy will have all the above criteria for customers to choose products.

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2. Price of the product

What do you think about buying luxury and modern coffee tables and chairs but the product price is low. That helps you save a lot of money and use that money to invest in other furniture for the shop. Choosing a coffee chair supplier at the factory will help you get it at a lower price than in the market

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of coffee furniture in Vietnam. We can provide coffee chair products in large quantities to customers at extremely favorable prices.

3. Warranty Policy

The next criterion is equally important. Those are the warranty policies of the coffee table and chair supplier. You should prioritize shopping at addresses with clear and transparent warranty policies. Accompanying that is maintenance or advice on replacing components and spare parts.

Coffee Chair

4.  Coffee chair design

In addition to a delicious drink menu, the beautiful and luxurious coffee tables and chairs not only affirm the restaurant’s own style but also attract and leave a deep impression in the hearts of diners, making them return to the shop next time. .

Types of coffee chairs commonly used on the market today.

There are many types of coffee chairs available in the market today. But the most popular are still coffee chairs made from plastic, or plastic combined with wood, plastic and iron.

Why is this type of day chair chosen by many customers?

  • The purchase cost is usually lower than other types of chairs.
  • There are many diverse chair models, beautifully designed chairs for customers to choose from, and also decorate to make the coffee more luxurious and beautiful.
  • Today, due to the development of technology, materials made from plastic can also be left outdoors without worrying about oxidation. Thanks to the anti-UV particles mixed into the seat molding material.
  • Therefore, the use time of plastic chairs is the same as other types of chairs.
  • Plastic chairs are quite small in weight, easy to move or stack. Make the cleaning job of the staff easier and faster.

To which countries and regions do we deliver our coffee chairs?

Currently, we are not limiting the export and consumption markets of our products. Most of our coffee chair products will be exported to regions such as America, Europe, and Asia.

Distribution table of regions and countries that import coffee chairs

Americas Oceania Europe Australia Asia
USA New Zealand Italia Australia India
Canada   Germany   VIetnam
Mexico   France   Singapore
Brazia   Holland   Indonesia
    Switzerland   Japan
    England   Philippines

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Why should you choose Harmoor Furniture as a coffee chair supplier?

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd, was established in 1998, and became one of the largest plastic furniture factories in Vietnam. With many years of experience in plastic material molding and metal processing, we have achieved an outstanding technical level, outstanding for the quality of our plastic chairs, which have been trusted by customers from different countries. .

  • Harmoor has the most modern chair manufacturing and processing lines
  • We have material standards that meet international requirements.
  • Our team of design engineers have many years of experience in designing products for table and chair furniture that will bring customers the most satisfactory products.

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