The leading restaurant chair supplier in Vietnam

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in providing furniture products such as:

  • Coffee chair, restaurant chair, hotel chair, bar chair, garden chair….
  • Coffee table, dining table, bar table…

Criteria to evaluate a supplier of quality restaurant chairs?

  • Products must be manufactured according to the most stringent process, product quality is guaranteed factors of safety, durability…
  • Products according to quality standards of furniture industry
  • Structural requirements include overall process requirements and test requirements for cut and extrusion points, stability, strength and durability.

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To which countries do restaurant chairs supply?

We are a supplier of restaurant chairs to all countries around the world and are not limited to geographical locations. Some of the countries we export our restaurant chairs to are:


  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in Vietnam
  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in the US
  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in Canada
  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in India
  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in Indonesia
  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in Singapore
  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in Malaysia
  • Supplier of restaurant chairs in Italia


  • Restaurant chair supplier in Europe
  • Restaurant chair supplier in Americas
  • Restaurant chair supplier in Asia
  • Restaurant chair supplier in Australia
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The regional and country distribution table needs many restaurant chair suppliers

The demand for all kinds of restaurant chairs is increasing rapidly

The development of economy, culture and society. This entails a lot of industries developing to serve people’s needs such as restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, entertainment. The more restaurants are built up, the demand for items such as restaurant chairs, restaurant tables also increases. Therefore, the demand for restaurant chair suppliers is increasing significantly year by year.

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Why should you choose Harmoor Vietnam as your restaurant chair supplier?

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing table and chair furniture for export in Vietnam

We always ensure the highest integrity standards of quality. Taking honest business as the foundation to ensure the interests of customers and always taking customers as the center

With a team of skilled staff, with many years of experience in the furniture industry, we are proud to always be a companion and bring satisfaction to customers with the most attentive service. In particular, our technical staff always support and ensure to fix technical errors, ensuring the production activities of the business are guaranteed. We are always a supplier of restaurant chairs with the most PRESTIGE – QUALITY – DESPIRATION.

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What are some commonly used restaurant chairs?

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The process for Harmoor Vietnam to become a customer’s restaurant chair supplier

B1: Customers contact and exchange directly with Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd through the following information:

  • Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • Address: Lot F1 and F2, Nam Dong Phu Industrial Park, Tan Lap Commune, Dong Phu District, Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam
  • Hotline: 0898799991
  • Email: [email protected]

B2: Sales department will exchange and consult with customers about information about restaurant chair products for customers to consult.
B3. Customers choose the restaurant chair model with the quantity
B4. Sales of Harmoor will quote the product price to the customer according to the quantity requested by the customer.
B5. Both parties agree to sign the contract. In case the customer is in the guest country, the contract will be electronically signed.
B6. Customers transfer money under the contract and Harmoor Vietnam performs the production, packaging and shipping of products to the customer’s address.

These are the summary processes when a customer chooses Harmoor as a restaurant chair supplier.