Harmoor Vietnam Company Limited



industry 4.0

interconnected factories

Harmoor is an industry 4.0 company whose factories are equipped with interconnected machinery. Every year, a significant part of the company’s turnover is invested in innovation, technology, as well as digitised production.

technological innovation

At Harmoor, innovation is connected with a comprehensive, long-standing knowledge of raw materials, processes and technological solutions, turning design into an industrial production of great value.

Technologically advanced machinery and process automation ensure faster production, internal handling and delivery, as well as observance of delivery times. This results in greater flexibility in meeting customer requirements, while maintaining focus on product quality.


2018 saw the opening of the largest factory and warehouse of Harmoor Furniture. This modern warehouse operates 24/7 to store 10,000 pallets of finished and semi-finished products. The project has a total area of 10,000 square meters and is connected to the existing industrial park through the main traffic axes. Warehouse volume is the result of an assessment study of current and future manufacturing, handling and storage processes.

With this significant investment, the company not only has more space to stock products, but also saves more time in making products to order. The aim is to provide customers with better service and meet the increasingly stringent deadlines of contract furniture projects. The “Grass Blades” automated warehouse inside is a perfectly oiled machine and outside is an innovative project of industrial architecture.

“The dull and uniform volume of the new warehouse is thus transformed into a visual phenomenon rich in variations, a sort of natural amplifier of the time of day and the seasons. In the finest moments. Once fixed, it dissolves into the misty sky, reflecting its blue-gray tones, and elsewhere it becomes imbued with the bright green of the agricultural fields in spring.

The architectural design of the warehouse and its associated spaces goes beyond the purely environmental reduction concept applied to many industrial facilities. Instead, it becomes an important signal of the roots of Harmoor and the people who work there in their particular territory, as well as demonstrating their ability to dialogue with today’s businesses and markets. more globalized.”