In today’s diverse and rich interior world, tables and chairs are not simply ordinary pieces of furniture, but are also unique works of art, surpassing time with elegance and sophistication. multidimensional applicability. The year 2024 marks an important step forward in the development of the furniture market. Harmoor Furniture, with enthusiasm and creativity, has introduced a series of unique new table and chair models, fully meeting the needs and expectations of the most demanding customers. Join us in immersing yourself in the exquisite world of Harmoor Furniture through this article.

I. The importance of furniture in creating a classy living space

Furniture plays an extremely important role in creating a classy living space. It not only shows the homeowner’s aesthetic taste but also contributes to improving the quality of life. A beautiful, comfortable and luxurious interior space will bring you a feeling of comfort, relaxation and happiness every time you return home.

II. A few words about the Harmoor Furniture brand and their position in the furniture industry

Harmoor Furniture is a prestigious and long-standing brand in the Vietnamese furniture industry. With more than 20 years of experience, Harmoor has affirmed its position in the market with high-end, quality and classy interior products.

Harmoor’s mission: Providing customers with perfect interior solutions, helping them create luxurious, comfortable and classy living spaces.

Harmoor’s core values:

  • Quality: Harmoor is always committed to providing high quality furniture products, made from the best materials and undergoing strict production processes.
  • Design: Harmoor owns a talented and creative design team, always updating the latest interior trends in the world to bring customers beautiful products. and unique.
  • Service: Harmoor provides professional and thoughtful customer service, always ready to support customers anytime, anywhere.

Harmoor’s position in the furniture industry:

  • Harmoor is one of the leading high-end furniture brands in Vietnam.
  • Harmoor is trusted and chosen by many customers who are individuals, businesses and reputable organizations.
  • Harmoor has received many prestigious awards in the field of furniture.

Harmoor Furniture is the perfect choice for those who want to own a classy and luxurious living space.

II. The Importance of Tables and Chairs in Interior Design

1. The role of furniture in shaping style and living space

Tables and chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in any space. They not only play an essential role in daily life but also contribute to shaping style and creating highlights for living space.

Here are some important roles of tables and chairs:

  • Shape the style: Furniture can help you shape the style of your home. For example, if you want to create a modern space, choose tables and chairs with simple and elegant designs. If you want to create a cozy and traditional space, choose tables and chairs with classic designs and made from natural wood.
  • Create a highlight: Tables and chairs can create a highlight for your living space. For example, you can choose a sofa with a striking color to create a highlight for the living room. Or you can choose a unique dining table to create a highlight for the kitchen area.
  • Increase comfort: Tables and chairs help increase the comfort of your living space. For example, you can choose tables and chairs with soft cushions to create a comfortable feeling when sitting. Or you can choose folding tables and chairs to save space.

2. Factors to consider when choosing to buy suitable furniture:

When choosing to buy furniture, you need to consider some of the following factors:

  • Style: Tables and chairs need to match the general interior style of the house.
  • Size: Tables and chairs need to have a size appropriate to the area of the space used.
  • Material: Tables and chairs need to be made from materials that are durable and beautiful and suitable for use.
  • Color: The color of the table and chairs should be in harmony with the color of other furniture in the house.
  • Price: Furniture should have a price that fits your budget.

III. Table and Chair Design Trends in 2024

1. Describe new and unique design trends in furniture

In 2024, the trend of table and chair design will be towards minimalism, convenience and environmental friendliness. Below are some new and unique trends in table and chair design:

  • Minimalist design: Tables and chairs have simple designs, limit unnecessary details, and focus on functionality.
  • Environmentally friendly materials: Recycled plastic, bioplastic, bamboo, rattan,… are increasingly used.
  • Flexibility: Tables and chairs can be folded and moved easily, suitable for many different spaces.
  • Combined with other materials: Combine plastic with metal, wood, rattan,… to create a unique highlight for the product.

2. Diversity of designs and materials used

In 2024, the furniture market will witness a diversity of styles and materials used. Here are some examples:

  • Design: Tables and chairs come in many different designs, from simple to sophisticated, from modern to classic.
  • Material: Tables and chairs are made from many different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, rattan, bamboo,…

The trend of table and chair design in 2024 is towards minimalism, convenience, environmental friendliness and diversity in styles and materials used. Choosing the right furniture will help you create a beautiful, comfortable and convenient living space.

IV. Some of Harmoor Furniture latest 2024 furniture models

1. Amelie Chair 23

The Amelie 23 chair is the epitome of modernity and comfort, featuring a unique design and elegant upholstery. With soft lines and durable materials, Amelie 23 is not only a part of modern interiors but also the perfect highlight for living space. The combination of modern design and plush cushions creates a comfortable and relaxing sitting experience. The Amelie 23 is more than just a chair; it is an artistic masterpiece, demonstrating sophistication and attention to detail in every aspect.

Chair Amelie 23

2. Karibu 3038A Chair

The Karibu 3038A chair is the perfection of class and utility, with a high-quality plastic structure, including a PA plastic backrest and seat, creating comfort and durability. Specially designed for outdoor use, the Karibu chair not only accentuates the space but also withstands harsh weather conditions. The ability to stack on top of each other saves storage space and is convenient for moving. With the perfect combination of quality and convenience, the Karibu 3038A chair is the ideal choice for vacation trips and suburban events.

chair karibu 3038a

3. ChairKaribu 3039A

Karibu 3039A chair is a symbol of modernity and luxury with delicate curves. With the durable material of the seat and backrest being PA plastic, the chair not only retains its beauty outdoors but also recreates the elegance of classic terrace chairs from the 60s, combining steel and materials. textile materials. Powder coated for outdoor use and stackable, the Karibu 3039A chair is not only an outstanding product but also brings convenience and aesthetics to the suburban resting space.

chair karibu 3039a

4. Narnia Chair 3062

The Narnia 3062 chair is a symbol of class and versatility, made from high-quality plastic with unparalleled durability. With sturdy architecture, the chair not only creates a highlight in the interior but is also suitable for any space from indoors to outdoors. With its weather resistance and durability, the Narnia 3062 chair is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Sophisticated and comfortable design creates a comfortable and classy sitting feeling for every space.

chair narnia 3062

5. ChairNarnia 3062A

Narnia chair 3062A is a symbol of luxury and comfort, with a sturdy structure from high-quality plastic, and a padded seat for a comfortable, smooth sitting feeling. With the ability to be used flexibly from indoors to outdoors, the chair is not only a perfect combination of quality and style but also a great highlight for luxurious spaces. Versatility and durability make the Narnia Chair 3062A the perfect choice for those who value value and style in any environment.

chair narnia 3062a

6. Ve Chairnus 3060

Venus 3060 chair, a masterpiece of modern technology, has captivated users with its perfect combination of design and practical features. With a modern and luxurious design, the Venus 3060 chair is not only a piece of furniture but also a symbol of comfort and convenience.

One of the outstanding features of the Venus 3060 chair is the high-quality monolithic plastic material, providing durability and lightness while still being easy to clean and maintain. With excellent strength and pressure resistance, the chair is not only an ideal choice for working spaces but also suitable for use in art and entertainment spaces.

Chair Venus 3060

7. Venus 3061 Chair

The Venus 3061 chair redefines luxury and comfort with its unique design and all-plastic structure. Crafted with precision, this chair boasts a stunning aesthetic characterized by refined curves and refined lines. Completely plastic material not only contributes to beauty but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance. Venus 3061 seamlessly combines form and function, providing not only a seating solution but also a work of art for any space. With its elegant design and versatile composition, this chair is a symbol of sophistication, making it the ideal choice for those who seek both style and quality in their furniture.

chair venus 3061

8. Venus 3061A Chair

Venus 3061A chair is the perfect combination of beauty and comfort, featuring high-quality solid PP material and elegant curved design. With soft and sophisticated lines, the chair not only enhances the aesthetics of any space but also provides a comfortable sitting experience. The upholstered seat cushion provides a light, supportive feel, ensuring excellent lumbar support. Venus 3061A is more than just a remarkable piece of furniture; it is a symbol of attention to detail, enhancing both the beauty and comfort aspects of the living space.

chair venus 3061a

9. Zigo 3058 Table

Introducing the Zigo 3058 table, a combination of luxury and practicality designed to enhance the aesthetics of the living room, office or coffee shop. Impeccably crafted with premium materials and beautiful lines, this table exudes a sense of modern luxury and sophistication. Its scratch-resistant surface ensures longevity, maintaining its pristine appearance over time. The table’s versatile design and neutral color palette easily complements a variety of interior styles. Not just a simple piece of furniture, the Zigo 3058 table is also a symbol of sophistication and craftsmanship, perfectly combining style and function to enhance the ambiance of modern spaces.

Table Zigo 3058

10. Zigo 3058A Table

The Zigo 3058A table is a masterpiece of sophistication and utility, meticulously crafted to be a decorative highlight in the living room, office or coffee shop. With high-quality materials and delicate lines, the table brings a luxurious, modern look to any space. Its scratch-resistant surface ensures long-lasting beauty and durability. Versatile design and neutral colors help you easily coordinate with many different styles. The Zigo 3058A table is not only a piece of furniture but also a symbol of luxury and innovation, representing the perfect combination of form and function for modern interiors.

table zigo 3058a

11. Zigo 3059 Table

The Zigo 3059 Table is a sophisticated addition designed to enhance the aesthetics of living rooms, offices, event venues and restaurants. With meticulous craftsmanship, this table transcends its functional role to become a statement piece in any space. Created with versatility in mind, it serves not only as a practical surface but also as a display for decorative items such as vases and ornaments. Its spacious design makes it an ideal platform for displaying cakes and decorations during special events. Zigo 3059 table endsThe perfect blend of style and function, providing a unique and elegant solution to enhance the decorative possibilities of diverse spaces.

table zigo 3059

12. Zigo 3059A Table

The Zigo 3059A table is not only an elegant piece of furniture but also the perfect centerpiece to enrich the space of living rooms, offices, restaurants and even special events . With meticulous attention to detail, this table not only exudes practicality but also serves as a great platform for displaying decorative items such as vases and ornaments. Especially with its large surface area, it becomes the ideal stage to display cakes and decorative accessories on special occasions. The harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality makes the Zigo 3059A table an outstanding choice to renew and enhance the decorative space in many different spaces.

table zigo 3059a

13. Newport Desk 3056

The Newport 3056 desk is a symbol of modernity and sophistication, featuring a unique design and high-quality plastic material. With elegant and modern lines, the desk is not only a piece of furniture but also the perfect highlight for the work or entertainment space. High-quality plastic ensures both durability and aesthetics, providing a solution that is lightweight and easy to maintain. Newport 3056 is not only an effective working space but also a symbol of style and class in interior design.

table newport 3056

14. Newport Desk 3057

The Newport 3057 table is a symbol of modernity and flexibility, with a unique design suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces. With elegant lines and weather-resistant materials, the table is not only a striking outdoor decoration but also the perfect choice for modern living spaces. The flexible design of the Newport 3057 satisfies aesthetic preferences while meeting diverse usage needs, bringing a comfortable and enjoyable experience to everyone.

Table newport 3057

V. Classy designs of 2024

The latest table and chair models from Harmoor Furniture are not only furniture products but also symbols of creativity and class. By bringing diversity in design and careful care of materials, the brand has created a classy and impressive living space. Let Harmoor Furniture be the destination for those who are looking for perfection and luxury in their living space.