Unique and modern coffee shop chair models

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The models of Harmoor Furniture coffee shop chairs provide a variety of styles, designs, sizes, colors, and costs to meet all customer requirements. From locally made chair models to imported products are available in stock and shipped the fastest.

Ghế quán cafe Harmoor - coffee shop chair

How to choose a coffee table and chair model is always the top concern of any coffee owner. Because this is always an important and necessary piece of furniture, the investment cost for this item is not small. To help shop owners solve this problem in today’s article, Harmoor would like to suggest some unique coffee chair models for readers to refer to.

I. Choosing the right coffee chair to bring a space to attract customers to the coffee?

The first thing that attracts and leaves an impression on guests when they come to the army for the first time is the unique coffee tables and chairs and the beautiful layout in the space. Coffee tables and chairs are considered an important factor to attract customers as well as create a new space. And if the owner knows how to design the space to suit the tastes of customers, it will definitely attract more customers to the shop.

ghế quán cafe - coffee shop chair
Coffee chair

II. What are the most popular types of coffee shop furniture materials today?

Summary of Cafe chairs at Harmoor

⭕ Product’s name ⭕ Model ⭕ Code Sku
Chair AME11 💛 Amelie ⭐ AME11
Chair AME31 💛 Amelie ⭐ AME31
Chair CHA11 💛 Charlotte ⭐ CHA11
Chair CIR11 💛 Circus ⭐ CIR11
Chair EME21 💛 Amelie ⭐ EME21
Chair GAI11 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI11
Chair GAI13 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI13
Chair GAI21 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI21
Chair GAI32 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI32
Chair GAI41 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI41
Chair GAI42 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI42
Chair GAI61 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI61
Chair GAI71 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI71
Chair GAI72 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI72
Chair GAI81 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI81
Chair GAI82 💛 Gaia ⭐ GAI82
Chair LAR11 💛 Lary ⭐ LAR11
Chair LAR21 💛 Lary ⭐ LAR21
Currently, coffee shop tables and chairs are made from many different materials for you to freely choose. However, the most prominent are still the following types:

1. Wooden coffee shop chairs

Wooden chairs for coffee shops are always the choice for every shop owner when they intend to do business because of outstanding advantages such as: longevity and high aesthetics, suitable for many design styles, diverse in terms of design. models, designs

Ghế LAR21

You can choose wooden tables and chairs with sophisticated and sophisticated designs if you want your coffee to have a luxurious and nostalgic style. And if your coffee has a modern and dynamic style, then choose chair models with simple, bright colors, streamlined design to suit the space of the shop.

2. Plastic coffee shop chairs

Plastic coffee tables and chairs are a product line that is suitable for the theme of modern and comfortable restaurant design with a space that is not too large. More specifically, plastic is preferred because of its reasonable price.

Ghế AME31

Besides, the color of plastic coffee tables and chairs is very diverse and outstanding. Depending on the design theme of the restaurant, you can combine a wooden table with a single iron leg and a single chair. Create a focal point in the space to help attract customers. In particular, because the product has high durability, you can use it as outdoor furniture, garden furniture, …

3. Iron coffee shop chair

For coffee tables and chairs made from iron, the advantage and also the desire of many owners is high durability. Most of the tables and chairs made from iron are electrostatically painted, so they are resistant to the influence of agents from the outside environment. Avoid rust, wear or damage.

Ghế CHA21

Not only that, although it is a hard material, iron can completely be molded to create patterns and designs in accordance with the wishes, preferences and psychology of customers. In addition, the initial cost to invest in coffee shop furniture from iron is not too expensive.

III. Modern and unique coffee shop chair models

1. Lary coffee shop chair model

Ghế LAR21 Ghế LAR21










2. Gaia coffee shop chair model

Ghế ame11 Ghế GAI11 

3. Circus coffee shop chair model

ve sầu Chủ tịch Cicus

4. Charlotte coffee shop chair model

Ghế CHA21 z2663877507897 5057fba9ed2e9282aec783536f14532c 1

5. Amelie coffee shop chair model

Ghế AME31 Ghế ame11


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