Lary chair designs
Harmoor Co., LTD

Lary designs are modern in style. Suitable for luxury spaces. Larry exudes beauty that matches the style and luxurious living space.

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Chair Lary


Which style is suitable for Larry's design?

Larry is the embossed design of the furniture company Harmoor. This sofa coffee table model is very popular with customers because of its innovative design. The product is very convenient, can be combined with a large size to become a very impressive and luxurious pair of round sofa tables or can stand alone as a tray, sofa corner table or tea table, bedside table …

What are the advantages of the Lary design pattern?
  • Comfortable reclining seat
  • Can be combined with desk models to create a luxurious and harmonious space
  • With a youthful, modern and unique design, it is a perfect choice for consumers.
  • Product quality is solid, easy to move
  • Luxurious, convenient in both form and use
How many colors for this design?

We have many colors for customers to choose from. Depending on the needs of each customer in terms of size and color, we will have a separate design.